We are Glenn and Pla and we are new owners at Sai Taan having recently sold our real estate and holiday rental management business in the Australian ski fields in early 2021 after over 20 years of trading.

Being a real estate agent and or property manager in Australia means that you are first and foremost, a licensed professional and this a major point in comparing operations in Phuket. Licensed means you can operate Statutory Trust accounts and operate legally within.

Back in Australia we were instrumental and pioneers in the early days of online bookings and reservations which led to the development of the best of class Genkan holiday rental management systems which will evolve into the new UNIFY X solution in 2022

In 2021 we launched the new vision of holiday rental management with the WelcomeInn kiosk. The WelcomeInn Kiosk takes holiday rental management and the guest experience into 2022 with online information, property compendium, workings of the property all available at the touch of a button rather than in a dirty old compendium.